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How to wear stripes

If you’ve been an avid reader of our blogs so far, you’ll know that stripes in the world of fashion are pretty much firm favourites. From Coco Chanel’s first naval inspired line, all the way to present day where huge names like Tommy Hilfiger and Howell & Palmer are designing entire lines around them, it’s […]

Stripes at London Fashion Week 2016.

Good news everyone… Spring/Summer ’17 looks like a striped one! Or that’s what it seems looking at this week’s London Fashion Week line up. Over the last week The Original Breton Shirt Company have been following the designers and shows at the legendary annual event in eager anticipation that we will see the favourite striped […]

One Thousand Miles From Shore

“Being warm and wearing the right clothing is very important to survival.” Those are the reflective and advisory words of Doug Peacock, Maui Boat and Yacht Club member who experienced extreme weather conditions delivering a boat to its new owner on the Californian coast… all while wearing his Original Breton Shirt. What may be lost […]

Beautiful France: Off the Tourist Trails.

It is common knowledge that our neighbors from across the pond trump in the regional fashion stakes, but they also make home to the most luxurious and captivating holiday destinations there is on offer. The most notable of these for our summer getaways can range from the capital in Paris, all the way to the […]

The Many Faces of Breton

  We can’t help but wonder if the French sailors of the 1850’s knew they were at the forefront of a century long (and still going…) fashion aeon? Because that is exactly what has happened with the Breton name. Over the years, decades and even the past century, we have seen Breton grow from a […]